About Us

Based out of Toronto, SSP LLC is a Capital Management and Consultancy firm. Our mission is to provide the highest tier consulting and financial services to our clients. At SDP LLC, we firmly believe in working along side and in collaboration with our client's goals; we do not believe in excessive control, we believe in guidance, effective management, and sound decision making.

The team at SDP LLC possesses a vast amount of professional skills, experience, and more importantly, knowledge. Our passionate partners have worked in a wide variety of sectors, all of which experience can be brought forth to improve performance, and attain the results any business or individual desires.



Core Beliefs

Capital Preservation:

It is essential to exit from a failing market in a timely manner; taking unacceptable risk to chase performance is not disciplined investing and leads to irreparable damage to portfolio performance.



It is foolish to limit the potential investment playing field to either growth or value; we focus on what the markets care about today.


Transparency with Clients:

We firmly believe that being transparent with our clients is a key factor in the maintenance of a healthy, valuable, and trustful relationships.