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SDP Investment Group is a Toronto-based advisory services provider for start-ups and small businesses. The firm was built, ground up, for exactly this clientele in order to satisfy a gap in their market. At SDP Investment Group, we understand that start-ups and small businesses seldom have the capital or resources available to afford the services of large, corporate advisory firms and their only other alternative is to relinquish equity (often a large amount) to angel investors or venture capital firms in exchange for an investment that often times yields a marginal benefit.

At SDP Investment Group, we are a group of extremely focused, dedicated, and hardworking individuals. The firm was built on three pillars: family, humility, and transparency. Our approach to business is family-oriented - we are approachable, people you can rely on, and care deeply about forming meaningful relationships with all our clients. We do not have a fancy office or material overhead expenses - our humility is what enables us to provide a comparable service at a fraction of the cost. In this industry, trust is everything - our level of transparency from the beginning to end of our ventures is simply unmatched.

Since our inception in 2017, SDP Investment Group has been particularly successful in adding value for start-ups and small sized businesses through the provision of strategic and financial advisory services. To learn more about our services, please see below.


Our Services

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Strategic Advisory

Growth Strategies, Risk Management, and Business Continuity Planning

Financial Advisory

Scenario Analysis, Cash Flow Analysis, Refinancing, and Private Mergers & Acquisitions

Additional Services

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