Financial Advisory


Our Financial Advisory practice is focused on start-ups and small business seeking council in the decision making process, analysis of sources and uses of cash, refinancing, and private business mergers and acquisitions which includes due diligence services, production of non-audited financial statements, and valuation services. For a more in-depth understanding please see below:

Decision Analysis

Essentially all business decisions require the expenditure of resources, particularly financial resources. Aside from daily and minor business decisions, these costs are generally large and material in nature. By contracting our services, our team will be able to evaluate the financial implications of such business decisions, accurately calculate both the visible and invisible costs associated with such, and advise if the decision truly makes sense from an emotionally detached perspective.

Cash Flow Analysis

As corporations grow, there becomes plenty to tend to and priorities change. As this time passes, cognizance of sources of cash inflows and outflows may diminish. By contracting our services, our team will be able to evaluate both the sources and importance of all cash inflows and outflows within your organizations thereby illuminating where more or less focus is needed and where cash might be seeping through the cracks in your organization.


Simply put, at times an ideal financing solution does not present itself. If your business currently finds its financing arrangements non-ideal and seeks to pay off an existing loan by replacing it with a new one on more favourable terms such as achieving a lower interest rate, shortening the term, convert from a variable rate to fixed rate (or vise versa), or to consolidate debt, our team is able to coordinate and arrange such.

Private Business Mergers and Acquisitions

As businesses grow or achieve the point of maturity, topics of acquiring, selling, or merging often develop. By contracting our services, our team will be able to help your business through this time by acting as your advisor through the performance of undertaking the due diligence analysis, generating non-audited financial statements (or analyzing the target’s), providing in-depth valuation services on your business or finding a fair valuation for the business you may seek to acquire, and preparing all required documentation through our outside legal council at one of Toronto’s largest corporate law firms.