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Private Equity


Growth & Equity Capital | Mergers & Acquisitions | Solicitation Services


SDP Investment Group is a Toronto-based, private equity and advisory firm. The firm’s private equity dealings are typically concerned with raising capital for micro to medium sized companies, the facilitation of mergers and acquisitions, and the provision of solicitation services. SDP identifies as boutique; the effort, attention to detail, and fiduciary standard that our firm is known for is unmatched.


Growth & Equity Capital

The majority of our clients and contracts involve servicing micro to medium sized corporations. We have successfully raised capital both internally and externally multiple times through our network of investors to provide funding that is needed to grow.

Mergers & Acquisitions

The consolidation of corporations or assets through various types of financial transactions is a practice our firm is well acquainted with. SDP fights hard and takes pride in the representation of clients which seek to sell, purchase, or merge entities.

Solicitation Services

The pursuit of corporate opportunities, strategic relationships, and resolution of pivotal issues on behalf of our clients is a service often provide. We have successfully solicited the products / services of our clients into retail and international markets.


BlackWell Security Group

Blackwell Security Group is a security provider based out of Mississauga, Ontario. Employing over 30 professionally trained security personnel, Blackwell serves at many venues and events. BlackWell has provided security services in its past to prominent venues and events such as Boots & Hearts Music Festival, VELD Music Festival, The Everleigh, and Nashville North. Blackwell is set and planned to provide security services for various recreational marijuana vendors in Ontario now that marijuana is legal.

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On The Go Detailing

On The Go Detailing is mobile detailing company that brings the luxurious auto spa straight to an individuals home or a location of convenience. Equipped with the best resources, On The Go aims to do their job effectively and quickly to surpass one's expectations.

With over 5 years of experience, On The Go Detailing strives to exceed the standards of the best automotive detailing companies in the world. For the staff, detailing cars is more than a job, it’s a passion. On The Go is simply the best automotive detailers in the GTA.


Touch of Luxury

Touch of Luxury is an aftermarket provider for personalized car accessories. Specifically, Touch of Luxury provides the superior quality, custom vehicle floor mats. The company hand crafts each custom floor mat, matched to the clients personalized design, from the most superior and finest of genuine materials. Each piece is built with an outstanding level of care, attention to detail, and is thoroughly inspected before dispatching.


Private Equity

Growth & Equity Capital, Mergers & Acquisitions, Solicitation Services