Our Partners


Daniel B. Scaini

Founding Partner, Director of Capital Management

Daniel B. Scaini has devoted special focus into the development and performance of the Asset Management & Finance Division at SDP LLC. He has both knowledge and experience in usual, unusual and innovative financing solutions, such as capital markets, asset management, and general financing. His most recent activities include analyzing the economic trends and financials for the City of Toronto - Corporate Finance Capital Markets Division. Daniel B. Scaini has previously also held the position of Executive Director with William Manor Estates, a property management firm located in Waterloo, Ontario – specializing in Short and Long Term Student Housing.


Cesare Di Pietro

Founding Partner, Director of Consultancy

Cesare Di Pietro has devoted much time and focus to understanding different sectors of the business world in order to satisfy clients and their specialized needs. He is well trained and experienced in management within transportation and warehousing industries, as well as within the accounting sector. He has held various positions as a project manager at Promotion Transportation, a warehousing and logistics company operating out of Mississauga, Ontario. Notably, Cesare has also held a position at Prasad & Company, an accounting firm out of Thornhill, Ontario. Cesare has specialized skills in the fields of correctly setting up corporations, accounting practices, consultancy, and operational management.