Daniel B. Scaini

Founding Partner, Finance

Daniel B. Scaini has devoted special focus into the development and performance of the finance division at SDP Investment Group. Daniel is primarily focused on the construction and maintenance of functional financial systems, both for the firm itself and SDP Investment Group's clients. Daniel takes responsibility for the firms quantitative, bottom-up approach for venture valuation and investment opportunities. He is also focused on safeguarding the firm along with its clients from potential legal implications by understanding the various statues / regulations which pertain to business affairs. His most recent activities include working for Barometer Capital Management, a wealth management firm in Toronto's Downtown Financial Core which manages high net-worth client money. Formerly, Daniel's work included analyzing the economic trends and financial metrics for the City of Toronto's Corporate Finance Department.

Cesare Di Pietro

Founding Partner, Consultancy & Operations

Cesare Di Pietro has devoted much time and focus into understanding the various sectors of the business world in order to satisfy clients and their specialized needs. Cesare is responsible for SDP Investment Group's overall development, maintenance, and growth. He is predominantly concerned with the firm's trajectory, upkeep of client relationships, and conformity with compliance standards. The firms business affairs, ethical principles, and reporting requirements are paramount to Cesare, thus monitored generously with attention to detail. Notably, he has held a position at Prasad & Company, a well known accounting firm based out of Thornhill, Ontario. Cesare has specialized skills in the fields of accounting practices, management, and operational consultancy. 

Bruce Zhang

Director of International Business Development (Asia)

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