About Us...

SDP Investment Group is a boutique firm with special focus in the investment / development of new venture projects, management of micro to small-scale corporations, and operational consultancy.


Our Mission

As a boutique firm specializing in a select amount of business practices, SDP Investment Group is a firm which is sensible in action and thought. We aim to provide our clients with the highest tier of management, operational, and financial services possible. We build not just long-term value for our clients, but relationships of purpose. Through our active managerial approach, client's business affairs, corporate growth, and portfolios are monitored with effort, attention to detail, and the highest duty of care.

SDP Investment Group's management and operational consulting services are heavily focused on our clients' most pivotal issues and opportunities: strategy, organization, operations, transformation, corporate finance, sustainability, and marketing. Our team is known for bringing exceptional, useful proficiency to our clients most important matters, but is known best for our holistic, style-agnostic approach.

We assist our clients become leaders in the markets they currently compete in and guide them towards where they want to be in the future. Our accomplishments are built on a rule based process we follow daily; it is an entirely open and transparent process. Through our unique approach to service, we are able to provide clients with an exceptional level of assurance, care, and professionalism.

It’s quite unique what the partners at SDP are doing... incorporating both classical and modern day techniques of consultancy to optimize client affairs, hence increasing performance, and investing clients’ excess cash reserves in pooled portfolios which have been yielding positive returns. This venture is certainly contemporary and in a sense innovative.
— Mark Cuello, Financial Advisor (Bank of Montreal)

What We've Achieved

  • Q3 2016: SDP LLC rebrands as SDP Investment Group Inc.
  • Q1 2017: Closed Deal with Large Security Company in Toronto
  • Q1 2017: Remote Location / Staff in Waterloo, ON Established
  • Q2 2017: Formation of Private SDP Investment Pools
  • Q3 2017: Presence Established in Waterloo, Ontario's Tech Start-up Community
  • Q3 2017: Formation of Investment & Equity Research Partnership